Babylonsunshine & Kuroshitsuji-Michaelis

I'm Tarah and I'm a 22 year old nursing student, social drinker and all round smart ass.
I'm currently being paid to basically 'stick it to the man' at university by my university and I LOVE IT!
I'm taken by my boyfriend Dan (almost 2 years). We do pretty much everything together...everything. Watching porn fuck ups is kinda our things too, but I'm hoping that seeing a plethora of 'normal' naked people and washing their cocks and cunts doesn't put me off. I'm fun, I'm sometimes rude and sarcastic, but most of all, I'm super kawaii SO FUCKING LOVE ME!
16.Oct.14 4 days ago
When are you going to reblog porn again?

Well, because I’m in ‘medical school’ now, my university and the hospitals my cohort do placement in look at our social media accounts (even though we haven’t given them any information). Things such as porn can get us thrown out of the course and, frankly, I’m not prepared for that. So far it seems okay and no one has found me. Long story short, some time in the near future. A month, max.

Or you know… search for them in the search bar?

13.Oct.14 6 days ago